Anli will be giving a talk entitled “Opportunities and Controversies in Transcranial Electrical Stimulation” at the Clinical Translational Investigators Meeting at the NYU Department of Psychiatry on May 24, 1230-2 pm, 1 Park Ave, 8th Floor.

Simon and Anli will be presented a poster on “Spatiotemporal dynamics of associative memory processing in patients with focal epilepsy” at the UPenn Context and Episodic Memory Conference, May 13, 2019.

Several folks will be presenting their posters on recent work at the NYU Neurology Research Day, May 15, 2019, 2 pm, outside of Alumni Hall A.

Our paper entitled Hippocampal gamma predicts associative memory performance as measured by acute and chronic intracranial EEG was just published in Scientific Reports. The RNS System (NeuroPace, Inc) is a chronic, closed-loop electrographic seizure detection and stimulation system which is FDA-approved for refractory focal epilepsy. Our group has adapted the clinical device for cognitive neuroscience testing in the outpatient setting. We demonstrate that the hippocampal gamma signature during successful encoding during associative learning is similar to the activity seen in the gold-standard of conventional iEEG. This proof of principle study validates the RNS System to make sensitive measurements of hippocampal dynamics during cognitive tasks in a chronic ambulatory research setting. +PDF +Link

Our paper entitled Immediate neurophysiological effects of transcranial electrical stimulation was recently published in Nature Communications. We are also delighted that it was selected as an editor’s highlight. This paper reviews the evidence for acute mechanistic effects of transcranial electrical stimulation (TES) as measured across in vitro, rodent, primate, and ex vivo and in vivo human model systems, and provides experimental and analytical recommendations for the TES scientific community. +PDF +Editor’s Highlight

Open Positions

We are always interested in motivated, talented, and creative people to join our lab.  A strong technical or clinical background is desired. Please take a look at some of our recent papers, and send a letter of interest, CV, and 3 references to